Q: How secured are card payment details and personal information? A:  All  card  payment details are encrypted via Paypal and Stripe. Q: Do you provide Competency-based interview questions interview session? A:Yes we do because competency- based interviews are the most commonly used interview method used to judge an applicant’s suitability to a role and company and is therefore used by the vast majority of graduate employers today as part of their recruitment procedure. Q: What are the chances of getting shortlisted for job interview or university after using your Personal statement services? A:Based on feedback from clients, we are quite pleased to say that through our services clients have being shortlisted for job or University course interviews. . Q: What experience does your team have in job or university interviews? A:Most of our consultants have participated in job interview panels in various industry and also in both private and public organisation. The team have also been involved in the selection of candidates for other range of job posts etc. We have experience in job interview coaching and writing personal statements specific to the job description or course profile provided by the university prospectus. Q: I have problems getting shortlisted for job or university interviews no matter the number of job or university application submitted. Can Ernest Consulting Services assist in writing Supporting/Personal statements?   A:We provide quality supporting statement services and ensure that the supporting statement matches the Job Specification and course profile provided by the university prospectus. Q: What if am not satisfied with the CV or Personal Statement? A:If you’re not 100% happy with the CV or Personal Statement, we will revise your CV or Personal Statement until you are satisfied. Customer Service is our top priority! Q: Can I get a full refund? A:In the unlikely event that you want to cancel your CV, Personal Statement or Interview Coaching Service booking before we start work, then let us know and we will give you a full refund. Q: I always panic whenever I attend job/university interviews. How can I deal with this? A:Using our experience in Interview Coaching, we provide interview techniques and range of interview coaching to help eliminate nervousness and stress during the session. Q: Who use your services to prepare for job interviews? A:All range of clients whatever the industry. Q: Can applicants who apply for private or public post apply use your services? A:Yes all range of applicants can use the services for Interview Coaching, Personal Statement and CV Writing etc. Q: What is the guarantee that I will be shortlist job or University interview after using your services? A:99.2% Guarantee. Rest assured that your success is our priority. Q: What are the service prices? A:The service price depends on the type of service paid for and our prices are extremely competitive . Q: Why should I use your services? A:We are 92% result-oriented, and guarantee job or university interview . Q: Do you write supporting statements for other profession apart from qualified nurse applicants, support workers applicants and health care assistants position? A:Yes we write personal statement for all range of clients irrespective of the job post or university course applied for. Q: Do you provide personal statement services for university applicants? A:Yes, please visit UCAS Personal Statement Service page. Q: How do I make a payment? A:   You can make payment for service appointment by clicking  on the type of category required. Q: What happens once payment has been made for Ernest Consulting Services? A:Once payment has been received for the service, the client will be contacted via email and also contacted by the Consultant. Q: I have purchased Personal Statement Services from your website. What is the next step? A:Once payment has been received for the service, the client is expected to attached Job Description and Person Specification and email to erni78@mail.com depending on the type of Personal statement service required. Q: I have purchased UCAS personal statement services. What is the next step? A:Once payment has been made, please attached your interest, work experience and the course description/profile   you are applying for to our email address. Q: How do I contact you once payment has been made for CV Services? A:After receiving your payment for the type of CV service please email your work history, working experience/skills, qualifications, hobbies, contact information through the Contact Us page. Q: I don’t reside in the United Kingdom can I still purchase service from your website? A:Yes . Q: Are the services restricted to Healthcare professionals only? A:No, our services are available to all who need help with their Career ,Personal Statement, Interview Coaching and CV. Q: How long does it take to receive my CV or Personal Statement? A:IT depends on the delivery method selected. Q: Why do your CV, Personal Statement and Interview Coaching services cost as much as they do? A:On the contrary, our services are extremely reasonably priced for the advantage we give you in the job market. We want your CV, Personal Statement and interview coaching to be successful, so you need the best consultant, and to give you just that our prices need to be at a certain level. We deliberately try to keep prices at affordable rates, and we therefore believe that we can give you the best CV, Personal Statement and Interview Coaching services you will get anywhere. any price (including CVs, Personal Statement and Interview Coaching which are more expensive). Why should I choose Ernest Consulting Services? We have professional and experienced Interview Consultants, CV and Personal Statement Writers, who have exposure in writing CV’s and Personal Statement in your industry. In addition, Ernest Consulting Services believes in charging fair and realistic prices alongside providing the best Customer Service possible, and genuine desire amongst all our team to help customers take their next step in their job or university career. Do you offer refunds? Only if we have not begun to work on your order. There should be no reason following your order you will be unimpressed with the service or product you receive. In the unlikely event you are then we will work with you diligently until you are happy, providing you inform us within 7 days of receiving your completed order When do I pay? Once you have booked the service you required.

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